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Meet the team - Joy

The founder, owner, recipe developer, accountant, marketing analyst, PR, and all-around dictator.

I have been baking professionally for years. My interest started at a young age with my obsession with the Food Network, especially Good Eats.

I had the opportunity to assist my mom when she started to cater while I was in college. She taught me how to make quite a few traditional Filipino desserts and pastries from ensaymada to custard cake.

After college, I did not have the opportunity to bake as much as I started my career as a data analyst but I did continue to bake during Christmas time for family and friends.

It was not until I had my daughter did I miss the breads, cakes, and desserts my mom used to make. Luckily, my mom gave me some of her recipes and I started to teach myself how to make siopao (steam buns) and pandesal (sweet rolls). I decided to document my journey through a food blog.

I explored both sweet and savory dishes. I wanted to document both my successes and failures. I found a wonderful community with similar interests. It motivated me to take a number of pastries classes. I turned my focus to french pastries including macarons, tarts, and croissants.

Almost a decade ago, we moved from Chicago (where I was born and raised) to the Bay area. I took a break from blogging and baking while we settled. During that time, I was approached to teach cooking classes.

I taught off and on for 8 years. I taught classes for both adults and children. From both groups classes to private lessons and in-person to virtual.

When covid happened, I did not know what to do with myself. I was used to being busy and playing uber to my children. I finally had some free time and I had the opportunity to start researching the requirements for the cottage food operation license.

The cottage food operation license has been something I have been considering for a number of years and it was my opportunity to actually get it completed. I officially obtain my license and opened my business last December in the middle of the Christmas season.

Since then I have launched multiple product lines and participated in a number of pop-ups.

I specialize in Filipino fusion French pastries including macarons and croissants. One of our most popular items is our gluten-free mochi donuts.

Can't wait to meet you all!

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