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Holiday orders

This year, we a selection available for your holidays including edible gifts for your loved ones.

Our black sticky rice made with coconut milk and sugar.

Sanrival is a nut filled merginue cake layered with a smooth butter cream. It completely in multiple flavors.

The brulee Leche Flan is a traditional flan with a bruleed top

Than we have a turon which is a plantain egg roll with jackfruit

Espasol is what we like to call our Filipino mochi. It is made with coconut and lightly sweeten and covered in toasted rice flour

One of our favorite items is our ube brownies. It is a chewy blonde flavored with ube

Than we have our assorted boxes with contains our favorite items from macarons, butter mochi, macarons, egg tarts, and ube and calamansi truffles. We also have assorted boxes of macarons

We are excited for the holidays and we hope to be part of yours.

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